Young People’s Program

A program for children who have been affected by a parental or significant other’s misuse of alcohol or other drugs.

Living in a family where there are alcohol or drug problems can be very stressful for young people.

They can be verbally abused, left in unsupervised or unsafe situations, physically hurt or exposed to family violence. Many also witness verbal or physical conflict, drinking or inappropriate behaviour.

They may not be having their needs met, be confused by mixed messages and/or believe they are not safe. They may also become isolated, and find it difficult to trust others as well as their own thoughts and feelings.

The program aims to assist children to:

  • Understand their feelings
  • Understand family dynamics
  • Identify the things they can and can’t change
  • Develop age appropriate communication skills
  • Feel less responsible and isolated
  • Develop age appropriate self protection skills.


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