Workplace Intervention Program

Employers have a legitimate concern with the work performance of all employees, particularly where it involves their health and safety.

Alcohol and other drugs can profoundly affect the performance of employees in the following ways:

  • Absenteeism
  • Poor concentration
  • Altered judgment of speed and distance
  • Poor reaction times
  • Risk taking behaviour
  • Irritability/agitation/aggression
  • Mental health issues (paranoia, anxiety, depression).

These effects impact significantly on the productivity and safety of the whole workplace.

Valuable employees are an asset, and they are costly to replace. By supporting employees through this program, employers will minimize unsafe practices, financial and productivity losses.

Most importantly they are giving their employee a chance to improve their life.

WIP offers individual counselling in a confidential, supportive and non-judgmental environment where the employee can begin to understand why and how alcohol or drugs began impacting on their life and how to take responsibility for their choices and their life.


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Workplace Intervention Program