Ice Program

The Ice Program is an intensive therapeutic outpatient program designed specifically for people wishing to address their ice use.

About Ice

Ice is the purest, most potent and most addictive form of methamphetamine. It stimulates key areas of the brain, creating an intense euphoric rush characterized by increased energy and alertness. But over a relatively short period of time, the brain builds up tolerance to the drug, so higher doses are needed to achieve the same ‘high’, leading to rapid addiction development.

Ice use depletes certain brain receptors of the ability to experience pleasure, and depression is a common complication of withdrawal. The
psychological aspects of withdrawal can prove too challenging for most people to cope with on their own without significant therapeutic
intervention and chronic ice users have a high relapse rate, often requiring long term support.

The Ice Program

The Holyoake Ice program was developed in response to escalating demand within the community. Ice is now the most common illicit drug affecting the lives of Holyoake clients.

The Holyoake Ice program offers intensive specialist support, delivered by highly experienced addiction counsellors using research
based therapeutic interventions. Holyoake programs are all client focused. Every person is different, and treatment plans are customized to
suit individual needs.

Support for family, partners and friends

Holyoake also provides specialist therapeutic support for people affected by another person’s ice use.


Documents for download

For people seeking help to address their crystal methamphetamine (ice) use.

Ice program