Making a Bequest – The power to change lives……….

Amazingly, over 45% of Australians don't have a valid Will.

Without a Will, your estate is distributed using a formula decided by the law - and not necessarily how you would choose.

Through your Will, you have the lasting power to improve the lives of thousands of children, young people, adults and families affected by addictive behaviours.

Your generosity will have an actual effect on:

  • Reducing domestic violence
  • Reducing child abuse
  • Improving school retention
  • Reducing problem gambling
  • Decreasing unemployment
  • Reducing drug / alcohol related crime
  • Reducing the number of children and adults in prison
  • Reducing drink driving incidents / deaths

After family and friends, please consider Holyoake Tasmania in your Will. Your gift, no matter how large or small, will make a huge difference.

Choosing the right words

If you decide to leave a gift to Holyoake Tasmania Inc., it is important that you use the correct wording in your Will. Please take special care to use the Holyoake's registered name – Holyoake Tasmania Inc.

Other business details that may be useful include the ABN and mailing address:

Holyoake Tasmania Inc. (Holyoake)
127 Davey Street
Hobart TAS 7000
Phone: (03) 62241777

ABN: 24495893991

Step 1 If you do not have a Will, then obtain independent legal advice on creating one. If you don't have a solicitor, simply contact the Public Trustee in your state.

Step 2 During one's life many people revisit their Will. Has your situation changed since you made your last Will. If you are changing your Will this is the perfect time to add a bequest clause.

Step 3 If you do have a Will, then all you need to do is add a codicil – a short legal amendment to your existing Will:

Recommended wording

I give to Holyoake Tasmania Inc. (ABN 24495893991), the sum of:

  • The rest and residue of my Estate or

  • _________________________ percent of my Estate or

  • The sum of $ ________________________________

This amount shall be free of all duties and deductions and will be used for the general purpose of Holyoake Tasmania Inc.

I direct that an official receipt from Holyoake Tasmania Inc. shall be sufficient proof of discharge to my executors for this bequest.

Holyoake – We change lives. You can too.